One Way to Live a Life

Take 1 part jaded heart,

a handfull of fears and

1/2 an ass. Combine.

Stir with silver spoon

until mixture clings.

Set aside.

In another container

mix 1 ocean of tears,

3 sides to every story,

4 seasons for completion,

and 7 years for regeneration.

When thoroughly blended

this will look like maturity.

Pour over combination of heart,

fear and ass. Stir frequently to

maintain texture. You’ll know

its ready when it has the consistency

of self-definition.

Cover and chill;

will remain fresh for eternity.

Serve warm and garnish with

mistakes as suites your taste.


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Jihan McDonald is a facilitator, counselor, writer and educator from Oakland, CA. Currently completing a Masters in Social Transformation, Jihan derives deep pleasure from the meaning of words, the reading of books, the dancing of feelings, and the naming of squirrels. Jihan greatly dislikes inequity & close-toed shoes.

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