Traveling With Questions

I met Questions on the way to Nirvana. It wasn’t planned; it seems to always be the way we run into each other. They were on the side of the road, relaxing, and as I approached they jumped up as if in surprise.

“What are you doing here?”

– Traveling.

“To where?”

– Can’t say I’m entirely sure but I’ve heard its down this road a bit, a place called Nirvana.

“Mind if I come with you?”

– Sure, why not; roads are always well traveled with good company.

And so we continued on together, step by step, along the journey. At first we didn’t talk, it was enough to know the other was there; sometimes presence is the greatest gift we can give. After a while though, Questions couldn’t help it.

“So how’d you hear about this Nirvana place anyway? Why did you decide to go that way? Have you ever heard of Distractions? I’ve heard its awesome over there, always something going on, what do you think about going there instead?”

I sighed. I had traveled with Questions before and knew their tendency to ramble on, and I can be impatient myself. I wasn’t in a rush though, I had no deadline for arrival so I humored Questions with answers, which I knew to be their favorite game.

– I think I first heard about it from the wind. When I was little I was always happiest out in the garden, or better said the backyard, I didn’t really get into gardening much. When my parents gave me a barrel to have my very own garden I decided to grow weeds in them, it seemed the most efficient way; if I just leave it there, eventually plants will grow, what’s the point of gardening again? No, I was into playing in the dirt. I would sit for hours on a pile of dirt, sometimes with a stick, mostly with just my hands digging, shaping, playing. Well anyways, on no particular day I heard this whisper that seemed to come from the wind, but also from inside of me too.

“You know your breath is just another way the wind travels right?”

– I do now, I didn’t then so I assumed it came from outside of me. Whatever, it was whispering to me, telling me things, stories about who I’d been and who I’d become, and what. And one of the things it talked about was Nirvana. I remember that I liked the sound of it, soft, pretty. Ever since then I’ve wanted to go there.

“Good story, but what about Distractions? Did the wind tell you about that place?”

-No, sadly the wind made no mention of Distractions, only Nirvana. But you know the wind, so flighty. I’ve been there though, to Distractions.

“How was it?”

– Busy. Not a terrible place but a terribly, terribly busy one. There’s a lot of people there too, a lot of people. Most of them are unhappy too. Its why they like it there; everyones so busy there’s no time to notice how miserable they are, they can hide in plain sight.

We didn’t talk for a while, each reflecting on what the other had shared. After a while, Questions piped up again.

“So that’s it then? The wind tells you about Nirvana and off you go?”

I laughed.

– Pretty much. Of course its a little more involved than that, but essentially, yes. I mean like any journey I had to prepare everything in order to go. First I had to find out what I’d need for the road, for example.


– To be honest, I’m a little worried about that actually. I asked around and not a lot ofpeople really know too much about Nirvana so its been hard to get a clear idea of what I need to get there. From what I could gather, one needs Persistance, Effort, Faith, and some good Guidance. The last one is especially difficult to come across.

“Well did you find it?”

– Well yes, and no, I think so anyways.


– Well, the wind actually. Strange as it may seem, due to its vagabonding and generally ephemeral nature the wind knows quite a lot about the world, its been to fairly every nook and cranny in it. If you can catch it and hold it long enough there’s really a lot to learn from it.

“So the wind gave you a map to Nirvana? Can I see it?”

-Not exactly; maps aren’t really the wind’s style. It prefers to leave signs, breadcrumbs to follow.

“Sounds rather nebulous don’t ya think?”

– Yup, sure do, and its the surest thing I’ve found. No one in Distractions was of any use. I even went to Illusions and through Doubt, can’t say I’m mad I went, all roads are good roads as long you are taking them somewhere, neither of them was really helpful though either.

“So I guess we’re not going to Distractions then?”

– NO, not if I can help it. But who knows where the next breadcrumb will be? You may luck out yet Questions.

To be Continued…

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