Allies for Life Workshops

Allies for Life directly addresses some of the root causes, and effects, of harm in interpersonal relationships as the result of conscious or unconscious oppressive acts, beliefs & behaviors about race and other intersecting social identities.

The purpose is threefold:

1) increase individual capacity for successfully navigating situations of either witnessing or personally experiencing oppression;

2) decrease individual capacity for acting out patterns of oppression by releasing trauma & attuning our nervous systems to empathy;

3) co-create a culture of healing solidarity by charging people with their response-able capacities for compassion, empathy for self and others, and discerning loving-kindness, so that society may be seeded with these gifts.

This experiential training is for people and organizations interested in becoming more effective partners in the fight against institutional & interpersonal racism, and other intersecting oppressions, by remembering & creating the alternatives to these beliefs, systems & practices.

Allies for Life is an intersectional training that covers:

contemporary racism & historical racism;

identifying racism in interpersonal interactions;

micro-aggressions & helping others engage allyship; &

Core Concepts to keep in mind when engaging the work;

while recognizing racism to be only one of the tools of oppression.

It affirms that the discussion of race will inherently invite discussions of class, gender, sexuality, culture, justice, politics, the environment, and their -isms: classism, sexism, victimization & criminalism, nationalism, capitalism, ableism, etc., which are some big words, most of which can simply be translated to mean unnecessary suffering for some caused by the beliefs & acts of others.

The Allies for Life training also affirms that understanding the dynamics of oppression in one category will cross-over and facilitate being able to understand, recognize and respond to oppressions of all natures and that the principles & practices can be applied to most societal -isms.

The training incorporates discussion, journaling, meditation, constellation theory, creative processing, action planning, and somatic experiencing.

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