We Take Care!

We Take Care! is a program that teaches essential information and skills for kids to be able to take care of their bodies, hearts and minds in the long-term of their lives. WTC! uses an experiential and organic system to facilitate young people’s connection with the Nature that lives within and around them.

We Take Care! is a necessary response to the Industrial, culturally driven separation from the planetary life system to which we owe not only our existence but our continued survival. The health & sustainability of the planet, and especially people’s place upon it, depends upon their being people with the skills and capacities required for wholistic living and environmental maintenance; We Take Care! provides children with these skills and capacities by sharing cultural practices that create healthy relationships with the world.

Culture can be most simply defined as the way we live our lives. More specifically it is the way we relate to ourselves, other people, non-human animals and the larger environmental forces with which we are interdependent. It is deeper than food, it is what is considered food in the first place; deeper than our styles of dress or the words we say it is what feels good next to our skin and the meaning contained in the forming of the words themselves.

Health cannot be isolated to the physical body and by learning about the lives of plants, children are able to make connections between what the plants need to survive and thrive and what they need to do the same. Adaptation has always been the biological advantage of humanity and for thousands of years now this adaptability has been most efficiently inherited through culture. Culture is the mechanism by which we learn what our ancestors already knew about what does & doesn’t work to sustain life. By engaging specific cultural practices throughout We Take Care!, children learn important principles like: choosing environments with care, identifying what’s harmful and what what’s beneficial, knowing what resources are needed to survive in that environment and the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can take care of our larger communities. These are the basic principles of life that any living being needs to know to survive and thrive.

“When we took a walk to the planter (@ MLK & Harmon) we saw a lot of trash. We complained about picking up leaves before. Now we see our garden is nice because we did that; if we didn’t it would be dirty & gross.” – Maiza, 9

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