Managing Stress & Responding to Conflicts with Empathy

Learn universal tools & techniques for processing the stresses of daily life.

By using a few simple tools that get your mind, body & spirit on the same page, you can naturally reduce your stress levels and increase your ability to respond to conflicts clearly, with empathy for yourself & others.

As you regularly use these tools you create patterns of de-stress that pay themselves forward by increasing your ability to respond to effectively respond to stressful situations.

These tools have been used in and for:

hospice care

romantic partnership

social justice work


daycare centers

staff training

solidarity communities


Finger Hug Visual

OFNR A Tool for Giving Empathetic Feedback

List of Universal Human Feelings

List of Universal Human Needs

List of Body Sensations

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Jihan McDonald is a facilitator, counselor, writer and educator from Oakland, CA. Currently completing a Masters in Social Transformation, Jihan derives deep pleasure from the meaning of words, the reading of books, the dancing of feelings, and the naming of squirrels. Jihan greatly dislikes inequity & close-toed shoes.

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