Some Questions & Answers about Lifehacking

What is lifehacking?

Lifehacking is a new word for one of the oldest human practices: developing tricks, shortcuts, skills, or novelty methods that increase productivity and efficiency in any part of life. Any time we create something that helps us live with more ease we’re lifehacking.

Lifehacking is an incredibly empowering way of engaging life’s challenges. Instead of looking outside to see who or how much we need to pay for a solution, we look at the resources we have available to create that solution.


Who might be best served by a Moon Wise lifehacking session(s)?

Lifehacking is really the art of designing your life to suit YOU. The really, real answer is everyone, and not for business reasons. Whether I ever hear from you are not, if you’re reading this I hope it inspires you to take on a more pro-active role in the shape of your life.

For some people, it looks like transitioning an adult child’s room into a home art studio; for others, it may mean a review of their filing system, wardrobe, or garage.

A few more specific answers are:

  • people experiencing major life transitions (divorce, kids going to college, health challenges, moving homes, family moving in, etc.)
  • people who find that they tend to keep more material things around than they use on a regular basis, aka hoarders
  • people wanting to DIY their own beauty, cleaning & other hygiene products for health reasons
  • people who struggle with self-care & keeping to regular cleaning routines, often folks struggling with physical, mental &/or spiritual health dis-ease
  • people wanting to de-colonize & DIY their day to day lives

Our lives are largely determined by systems to do not prioritize our well-being and creating more agency in our everyday lives develops resiliency, self-confidence, and directly creates healthier environments for us to live in.

What does a Moon Wise life hacking session(s) look like?

My goal is to be obsolete, my success is you not needing my services anymore!

As a companioned process lifehacking involves a consultation and a visit to the space of your life you’d like to hack, which often corresponds to a physical place. We take a look at not only the material but the emotional and mental things creating obstacles to the ease you’re looking for.

We clarify your goals, organize & let go of what’s no longer needed in your heart, head & environment, take stock of the resources you have and use them to create new ways of addressing old challenges with more ease & efficiency.

I’m a facilitator & a guide, you’re the one who will ultimately decide your success but by the end of the process, you will have a decluttered heart, mind, and spirit in a cleaner, healthier space. You will also have a plan and more tools for you to keep them that way so that you can continue to build on the work we’ve done when the process is formally over.


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