Allies for Life: The Questions- Why?

where can i buy Finax in singapore Human(e) beings need allies; it does not work to ally with a census box. This means that we must transform how we understand what it means to be an ally, what it means to do social justice work, and fundamentally, what it means to be human(e).

http://maplegrovesprings.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://maplegrovesprings.com/faq/ Social justice action & organizing can become disconnected from its core cause and too often we find ourselves seeking to build relationships for solidarity along the very same lines used to oppress us. This country is rooted in oppression and it requires each of us becoming conscious of these roots and pulling them out of ourselves, and calling them out with compassion in each other, one by one, to do the healing required for actual justice to occur. The bigotry, prejudice, bias, and hate that has recently been cascading into our lives is not new, merely uncovered.

http://mybabytrees.com/autumn-blaze-maple-tree/?_wpcf7_is_ajax_call=1 Industrialized human(e) beings, especially those engaging in social justice struggles, are in critical need of specialized emotional & spiritual care. Allies for Life re-centers social justice work as an essentially spiritual practice, one found in all major spiritual traditions, by integrating community building, social analysis, trauma release, skill building, & healing into a model of practice that can be both easily followed and replicated.

FAQ’s:  Who?   What?  When?   Where?  How?

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