• Inclusive Language Copy Review
    • A review of your work to ensure your message is effectively using inclusive language and concepts about race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Freestyle Stenography
    • Your thoughts distilled through the signature Freestyle Stenography process. This live editing method is the perfect fast track for new business owners and creatives needing a strong story to help their brand stand out.
  • Copy Editing
    • A review of your copy with emphasis on clarity, style, engagement, and authenticity. Ideal for beginning bloggers and web content creators needing an extra set of eyes.
  • Layout & Design
    • Clear and creative visual communication of your thoughts and ideas, best suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Artists’s Statements and Bios
    • A mix of Freestyle Stenography and Copy Editing to meet your needs for a compelling narrative about your creative passions. Great for new artists’s and artist’s reinventing themselves, particularly multi-disciplinary artists.
  • Creative Content Consulting
    • Inspiration for new ways to use print and web media to tell your story and engage your ideal audience.

Spiritual Director, Facilitator, Writer, Person