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Jihan means “universe, person of the world” in Farsi & Arabic and throughout their life has worked to embody this meaning. Jihan has lived in 3 and traveled in more than 20 countries, as well as nearly all of the continental U.S. Jihan has a knack for hearing people’s heart when they speak and connecting what’s in it to the larger currents of the world.

“Change starts where we are and takes us to where we need to be. I have learned to live like a flower: to break down, reform, and re-emerge in a constant state of beautiful becoming. My living between classes, races, belief systems, and bodies of knowledge have shaped me to see/be like a kaleidoscope; everything is changing, all of it is beautiful if we can embrace the chaos in change.”

Jihan has received the Alpha Delta Leadership Award and a Changemaker Fellowship Award for their work in developing Allies for Life for people to learn pro-active interpersonal allyship. Jihan has worked with people ages 8-80 on learning skills, tools, and capacities for assertiveness, empathy, self-realization, and social change in contexts ranging from the redwoods to seminaries and college campuses.

Jihan derives deep pleasure from the meaning of words, the reading of books, the dancing of feelings, and the naming of squirrels.

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Spiritual Director, Facilitator, Writer, Person